I give you this charge:  Preach the Word; 2 Timothy 4:2

For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the Gospel--not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.  We preach Christ crucified.  2 Corinthians 17,23


Is doctrine expendable?

Sermon Date Biblical Text Theme
Jan 3rd 2016 Psalm 73:23-28
Hold on to the Lord
Jan 10th Romans 10:10-12
We can't have it our way in God's way of salvation
Jan 17th
1 Kings 8:41-43
Christ's Ephiphany is for all people!
Jan 24th Luke 4:14-21 Christ's Credentials
Jan 31st 1 John 1:5-10 May Gods light shine in you
Feb 7th Luke 7:1-10 Jesus: Manifested as the Promised Savior

Feb 10th

Ash Wednesday

Matthew 26:47-56 You are there when Jesus was betrayed
Feb 14th Jeremiah 2:17-19 A warning for worldly wannabees
Feb 17th Luke 22:55-62 You are there, when Jesus was denied
Feb 21st Exodus 14:12-31 Fear Not! The Lord will deliver you today!
Feb 24th Luke 23: 1-5 You are there, when he was accused
Feb 28th Genesis 22:1-19 Christian faith believe the impossible!
March 2nd
Matthew 27:24-27 You were there, when He was condemned
March 6th Isaiah 42:1-8 The Savior's job description
March 9th
Matthew 27:27-30 You are there when Jesus was crowned with thorns
March 13th
Numbers 21:4-9 The bronze snake reminds of of Christ!
March 16th
Luke 23:32-39

March 20th

Palm Sunday

Zechariah 9:8-12 Rejoice for Christ your King is coming!

March 24th

Maunday Thursday

Luke 22:19-20 Jesus words said it all, when He gave His holy supper.

March 25th

Good Friday

John 19:38-42 You were there when He was laid in the tomb.

March 27th

Easter Sunday

Romans 6:4-5 The resurrection means as much today as it did the first Easter!
April 3rd
April 10th
Revelation 5:11-14
April 17th Revelation 3:1-6 Christians - Only wanted alive!
April 24th

The church at Philadephia - a type of the church where find:

1. Forgiveness

2. Christian faith and endurance

3. The firm goal of eternal life.

May 1st Revelation 3:14-22 Find Security in Christ and His word.

May 5st


Ephesians 1:15-23

Christ's ascension assurance

May 8th

Mother's Day
1 John 3:19-24 This is what we find in a Christian home

May 15th


Hebrews 8:8-13 Pentecost is a new universal holiday!

May 22nd

Trinity Sunday

Matthew 28:18-20 The great Commission shows us God's Power, our privilege & God's promise
May 29th
Genesis 12:1-4 God's amazing call to Abram
June 5th Genesis 15:1-6 The Blessed faith of a Christian!
June 12th Genesis 17:1-14

June 19th

Father's Day

Matthew 7:24-29 Christian fathers build on God's foundation
June 26th Mark 10:17-27
July 3rd
Matthew 13:44-46 The Blessing of Salvation Secured
July 10th

Mark 8:34-38

A Christian's profit and loss statement
July 17th Matthew 14:22-34 Defeat fear with Jesus!
July 24th Matthew 23:33-39 Hear the Lord's earnest call
July 31st Luke 9:18-24 Let's be clear about Jesus Christ
August 7th
Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Where's the Word?!
August 14th Ephesians 3:7-13
August 21st Matthew 13:31-35 How the Word of God works
August 28th Hebrews 12:14-24 Claim your heavenly inheritance
September 4th
Luke 14:25-33 Consider-it, Christians
September 11th Exodus 32:7-14 Serious God, Serious Grace
September 18th 1 Timothy 6:6-10 Treasure the Intransitory
September 25th 1 Timothy 6:11-16 Let's be clear, Christians
October 2nd Habakkuk 1:1-3, 2:1-4
October 9th
2 Timothy 2:8-13 Stay the struggle
October 16th 2 Timothy 3:14 - 4:5 What can we expect from our pastor?
October 23rd
Luke 18:18-27 Let's call it GOOD -NEWS!

October 30th


John 8:31-32 Christ has set us free!
November 6th
November 13th 2 Thessalonians 2:13 -3:5 We have His Victory!

November 20th

Luke 23:35-43 Thanks be to God!

November 23rd

Thanksgiving Eve

1 Chronicles 29:1-13

Luke 17:11-19

Hearts are Open to Thank God

Hearts Return to Thank God

November 27th

November 30th

Advent 1

Isaiah 2:1-5
December 4th Psalm 130:1-12 Reflect the advent attitude
December 11th James 5:7-11 Wait with hearts established

December 14th

Advent 3

Isaiah 35:1-10
December 18th Matthew 1:18-25 Emmanuel as Promised!
December 21st

December 24th

Christmas Eve

December 25th

Christmas Day