I give you this charge:  Preach the Word; 2 Timothy 4:2

For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the Gospel--not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.  We preach Christ crucified.  2 Corinthians 17,23


Is doctrine expendable?

Sermon Date Biblical Text Theme
August 18th John 8:31-36 Christ's Emancipation Proclamation
August 11th Luke 7:36-50 A Lesson in Forgiveness
August 4th Ephesians 2:11-18 Focus on Christ!
July 28th Matthew 13:44-46 Jesus Christ is All in All!
July 21st
Matthew 7:15-23 The Warrant Which Christ Has Issued Against False Prophets
July 14th Mark 4:26-29 God's Church on Earth is To Proclaim The Word of God!
July 7th
Matthew 21:28-31 How Do You Show Evidence of Faith in Christ?
June 16th
Father's Day
Luke 15:1-10 Jesus The Friend of Sinners
April 28th Psalm 98 Sing To The Lord a New Song For His Marvelous Deeds
April 21st Isaiah 40:26-31 Put Persistent Doubts Away!
April 7th Genesis 33:22-31 You Can Take God at His Word!
March 29th
Good Friday
Mark 15:33-39 Behold The Son of Man Forsaken and Dead
March 28th
Maundy Thursday
Mark 14:22-25 Behold The Son of Man in The Upper Room
March 20th Mark 15:22-32 The Son of Man Crucified
March 17th Numbers 21:4-9 The Connection Between Christ and a Snake
March 10th Isaiah 52:7-10 Hear The Best News in The World!
March 3rd Jeremiah 26:1-15 Use God's Word Like Jeremiah!
February 27th Mark 14:32-43 Behold The Son of Man in Prayer
February 24th Exodus 33:17-23 God, Show me Your Glory
February 17th

Genesis 22:1-14

Our Life on Earth - Like Abraham's Journey to Moriah
February 13th
Ash Wednesday
Mark 4:3-9 Behold the Son of Man Anointed for His Burial
February 3rd 1 Corinthians 1:21-31 We Preach Christ and Him Crucified!
January 27th John 4:31-42 The Savior's Work, That's What Satisfies!
January 20th John 4:5-14 Jesus is Revealed as The Source of Eternal Water.
January 13th John 1:43-51 The Epiphany Sun Rises in The First Disciples' Hearts
January 6th John 1:35-42 Come and See Christ The Lamb of God!